Stay Strong.

I wonder why all this bad stuff  happens to good people ? I never understood that, what do we do to deserve the bad things that happen to us. Why would God let such things happen to his children ? Doesn’t he want us happy and  doesn’t he love us ? Yes he does, that is exactly why he allows this to happen to us. I think that he just wants to see how much we actually love him and how much faith we actually have. You wonder ” Why would God let my mom and sister loose their jobs ?” Doesn’t he know that right now we are going thru hard times. Doesn’t he know that we can’t afford for these things to happen ? Yes, God knows all of that and more. He puts us through all this bad because he knows that at the end something good/amazing is awaiting. It sounds so confusing and deceiving but it is very true indeed. You are not alone, now wipe those tears and prepare yourself for the end result. I will be with you every step of the way. Don’t loose faith, I know you are strong and can get through this. You are and will always be a warrior. Stay Strong,  I Love You



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